Property Management Specialists

RMS Property Management System can help you run your business better, so you have more time to concentrate on servicing your guests. RMS is immensely powerful, yet extremely cost-effective with an incredible array of functions that can be tailored to your needs. Find out more here

Onward of 30 years, RMS has been dedicated to spearheading the hospitality industry. Through this time RMS has been committed to providing exclusive streamlined cloud-based solutions to businesses. It begins with RMS' own visionary technology, presented through easy-to-use interfaces that ensure businesses will always be organised, adaptable and inevitably, more successful than ever.

Key Features

Control panel2

Scalable Cloud solutions

Have access to rapid deployment across multiple property environments. Complete data security with round-the-clock global hosting compliance and reliability

Reduce costs2

Work from any device

The system can be accessed on mobile devices including Smart Phones, Tablet Laptops and Desktop Computers when online. Granting access to the Property from any location at anytime.

Manage multiple properties 3

Manage multiple properties

Data from each property can be combined into one easily accessible platform; this feature is ideal for groups and chains. Additionally, market and distribute inventory across all channels from a single source.

Customisable Dashboard 6

Customisable Dashboard

Customise dashboards accordingly for each user, manager and department, with the ability to snapshot real time operations to view what is happening and what’s essential.

One screen 3 views 3

All-in-one Reservation Screen

Optimise time with by viewing client details, reservation details and account information from one screen to improve efficiency of all operations.

Seamless Integrations 3

Seamless Intergrations

Real-time integration provides a complete distribution solution. The system is integrated with revenue, yield and reputable management applications.

“We selected RMS from a number of players in the global industry due to their ease of use, range of functionality and RMS’ commitment to a cloud-based roadmap.”

Anton Thayalan

HTSG Head of Operations