How a multi-park group in Victoria, Australia have saved time and created a seamless check-in experience by utilising the RMS Guest Portal.

For 20 years, Sandra Watts has been involved in the family business, working as the IT Manager to help run Watts Holiday Parks.

Their award-winning accommodation, caravan and camping parks are located in Melbourne, Ballarat and Renmark, with the latter boasting almost 1km of picturesque Murray River frontage. Part of the BIG4 group, the parks are a popular place for tourists, families and couples to have fun and relax in comfort and style.

Leveraging the guest portal as a time-efficient tool

With more than 15 years of experience using RMS (a PMS they switched to because their previous system wasn’t compatible with the internet!), Sandra is no stranger to getting the most out of the feature-rich tools at her disposal. 

One of Sandra’s favourite features that she’s been utilising is the guest portal, which has saved the park time and made taking deposits easy.

“The guest portal has been a huge success,” says Sandra. “In the past, it took so much time to receipt deposits made through bank deposits, but now the guest can pay via the guest portal and receive a receipt automatically.”

The guest portal has also saved Sandra and her team time with the ability to directly message guests in the application, rather than calling them or sending emails.

“We can answer messages and questions directly through RMS that are flagged when a message is received."

Sandra has also benefited from using the guest-facing technology that RMS rolled out at the start of COVID. Not only has it helped streamline the check-in process, but she was also able to create a step that prompted guests to prepay their balances prior to arrival.

We use triggered SMS to welcome our guests and invite them to complete their COVID-19 guest declaration form, which has been fantastic for contactless check-ins.

Sandra Watts

Watts Holiday Parks

Using RMS to effectively manage every aspect of the business

As a long-term user of RMS, Sandra embraces a number of functions, using the software to its full potential. Just a handful of tools that help her with daily operations include:

  • The customisable dashboard that gives Sandra complete visibility over her three parks

  • The colour-coded booking chart which directly syncs with online bookings, following up with an email to let the team know that they’ve received a booking

  • Scheduled reports that automatically send Sandra and her team custom reports with data-driven insights

  • The all-in-one reservation screen for quick and easy bookings

  • The user-friendly housekeeping module to track cleaning tasks

  • Interactive end of day reports

  • The maintenance utility to effectively manage maintenance requirements

Easy implementation and a future to look forward to

When transitioning over to the property management system, Sandra recalls that “implementing RMS to our parks was made easy, with RMS providing all the support we required.” She has since had a great experience with the RMS team and looks forward to seeing what the future holds for the company.

“I have found that RMS is very progressive, and the communication with everyone I speak to is professional and timely,” says Sandra. “They listen to what their users are saying and continue to improve.”