How a multi-park operator switched to RMS' enterprise solution to effectively manage their 11 parks across Australia.

Caravan Park Escapes has successfully upgraded its property management system to RMS Cloud; a migration project that took just six weeks to complete.

Introducing our latest multi-park client

Established in 1999, Caravan Park Escapes is committed to providing unforgettable, family-friendly getaways. With 11 parks located across Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales, they needed a PMS solution that could streamline multi-park management and help boost their overall efficiency.

Why Caravan Park Escapes chose RMS

Operations Manager, Nick Braun, favoured RMS for its enterprise solution that enables multi-property groups to host data from all properties in one centralised database. This was something that their previous PMS vendor lacked.

“The enterprise setup was a lot more suited to us for the 11 parks we currently have and any that we consider in the future,” says Nick. “The features were easier to utilise and more cost-effective than what we could get anywhere else.”

Nick Braun

Operations Manager, Caravan Park Escapes

Another huge benefit for Nick is having the flexibility to manage rates for all parks at an enterprise level. 

“The ability to run enterprise across all rates is something we’re really excited about. Even though our properties are all differently priced, we’ll be able to add specials and promotions to all parks which will be a lot quicker and easier.”

Our new IBE and marketing tools were key attractions

“One thing we're always looking at is the agility of the online booking systems; we know that RMS is rolling out a new book now button so we're pretty excited to see that,” says Nick. “We’re always open to change, especially where there is potential to drive business. We’re planning to create a more corporate-based website for all our parks and would really like to integrate the book now button to boost direct sales.”

Another feature Nick and the team are keen to utilise is the EDM marketing module that is native to the RMS software. 

“Having access to the marketing tools within RMS itself makes it much easier than having to look elsewhere, which is an added step we don’t need,” says Nick. “The option to target guests across all parks is much more beneficial than what we originally had. We’ll definitely be utilising it moving forward. The ability to compare parks using the reporting tools in RMS will also help us tailor marketing campaigns to the right audience.”

What’s next for Caravan Park Escapes? 

Nick is keen to continue working with RMS to enhance the software and find solutions that will make it easier for them to manage their parks at a corporate level.

“We've grown quite far as a company in the past five years, and we're always looking for ways to simplify tasks, increase productivity and speed up the process. That’s why we switched to RMS- now we can manage our 11 parks at a group level by sending out bulk marketing and making bulk rate changes instead of doing it 11 separate times.

“One thing we observed during the import was how flexible the team at RMS are. We hope it continues like that and you can work with us to better understand the system and make it as user-friendly and company-friendly as possible.”