How a four-star hotel in Warwickshire, UK trimmed their tech costs while retaining feature-rich PMS tools by switching to RMS Cloud.

Idyllically located in Brandon, a small village in rural Warwickshire, Brandon Hall Hotel and Spa spans 17 acres of greenery and gardens and is a popular spot for city-based corporates and leisure guests alike. They also host conferences and weddings, as well as offer a popular on-site spa.

Seeking a cost-effective and fully-featured PMS system

Brandon Hall Hotel and Spa’s Revenue Manager, Rosh Devarajan, has been with the business for over two and a half years, and was a key decision-maker in the hotel’s switch to RMS Cloud. Although their previous system was efficient, it was also very expensive, so the company decided to look for a PMS that could offer them the features they were looking for at a more affordable rate.

“In a bid to replace our previous vendor with a suitable new PMS, we explored and researched online to find a system that suited the needs of our business,” explains Rosh. “We explored the available options in the market, visited their websites, read reviews and made introduction calls to shortlist the systems that we thought would be fit for our purpose.”

An in-depth decision-making process

Rosh and his team scheduled individual consultation calls and demo sessions with the shortlisted PMS providers. They highlighted factors that were important to their business, including front office features, reservation handling, financial requirements, integration capabilities (including door locks and POS) and the ability to generate reports for daily operations. “RMS ticked all the required boxes and was chosen over the competition,” says Rosh.

Rosh’s communication with RMS’ Managing Director for the UK/EU, Zen Valli was also a deciding factor on why the company chose RMS. “Zen made a big impression about the product by the way the initial sales calls and product demo were executed and handled.”

Using the tools in RMS to streamline their daily operations

Though new to the system, Rosh and the team have already started implementing key features in RMS to increase their efficiencies.

“The integrated rate and channel manager allows us to manage online rates from one place and we’ve customised the innovative dashboard which provides all the information we need in a glance,” says Rosh.

The team have found the RMS system very easy to work with, which is always a benefit when transitioning to a completely new system. “The staff members have been able to adapt quickly, making them more productive,” says Rosh. They’ve also had a great experience with the RMS support and training teams who initiated a seamless implementation. “They were really hands-on and guided us with every step during the initial and post installation,” recalls Rosh.

A promising partnership ahead

With the Brandon Hall team in the early stages of migration (something they also did during the UK lockdown), they can’t yet demonstrate the success of implementing RMS, but the future certainly looks bright.

“Initial impressions are very promising and given the features of this software, we are confident RMS is the best tool suited to drive our business forward.”

Rosh Devarajan

Brandon Hall Hotel and Spa

To sum up, Rosh describes RMS in three words: reliable, magnetic and sufficient. 

“In short, it’s a highly recommended system that will add value to business,” he concludes.