How Acclaim Holiday Parks in Western Australia are maximising the features available in RMS to power their eight parks.

Acclaim Holiday Parks are leaders in providing caravan park and outdoor accommodation in Western Australia, offering eight accommodation types over a vast area, from Perth and the Swan Valley, all the way to the Great Southern and Golden Outback regions. 

Managing powered sites with ease

Acclaim successfully manages its eight holiday sites using RMS' centralised enterprise solution. Utilising the wide range of features and functionalities available with the RMS system allows Acclaim and their holiday parks to run a tight, streamlined business.

RMS tools that have contributed to Acclaim's success

1. Cloud-based property management

For over 20 years, Acclaim has employed RMS to help them operate smoothly across all their locations. Designed with parks in mind, RMS' property management software enables Acclaim to control and administer reservations, channel management, site allocation, cleaning, maintenance and more. Entirely cloud-based with a secure platform and low bandwidth requirements, the RMS application can be conveniently used in any location and on any device.

Sally Chacko, CEO of Acclaim has been impressed with RMS over the years, especially in recent times. “They are committed to ensuring the software not only keeps up with and exploits technology but proactively prepares the user to master changes, meet future guest’s demands and take advantage of changing trends,” says Sally.

2. Multi-park enterprise database

RMS Enterprise provides Acclaim with the power and flexibility to manage their multiple holiday parks, with real-time access from one cloud-based location. This allows Acclaim to seamlessly combine data from all their parks and generate meaningful, accurate and timely reports. They can report across the entire group, individual park, room/site types, guest categories and even create custom reports to suit their business needs.

3. Targeted guest marketing

Holiday parks within the Acclaim group have utilised SMS marketing, an extremely cost-effective solution, to target individuals or any number of on-site guests/regular campers. With the SMS module, the staff can send their customers special deals, loyalty rewards and booking confirmations to name just a few. 

4. Internet booking engine to increase reach

Acclaim and their eight holiday parks power their websites with the RMS internet booking engine (IBE) to maximise direct bookings and trim down on OTA commissions. When a reservation is made via the IBE, the room/site availability is automatically, and in real-time, updated across the distribution network, which heavily reduces Acclaim's chances of overselling. 

5. Guest surveys and NPS insights

Net Promoter Score (NPS) provides the core measurement for customer experiences and insights into revenue growth opportunities. Acclaim have utilised this feature to gain key insights from their gests on each area of service, allowing them to compare their NPS to similar businesses in their region or within their group. This helps the business to develop strategies for future revenue growth. NPS is calculated through guest surveys which can be sent automatically after check-out. 

6. Technology advances and ease of use

As the world’s fastest-growing provider of cloud-based property management software, RMS is working hard to stay ahead of the curve. “The program has become more sophisticated and powerful over the years; it has retained its intuitive look and feel, and makes it easy for a new user to become proficient and productive in a short space of time,” says Sally. 

7. Updates, training and customer support

With a local support centre and developers, issues can be ironed out quickly. Sally, however, has found over the years, “version releases and upgrades have been stress-free and seamlessly implemented.” and Acclaim has needed little support. In fact, when they do need help, their first point of call has been the wealth of online information, videos and webinars made available to RMS clients online. “We have been particularly impressed with the excellent support provided,” says Sally.

In summary: three things Acclaim has achieved with RSM

  • Decreased OTA fees
  • Increased direct bookings
  • Seamlessly implemented across all holiday parks

The high standard of version releases and upgrades over the years without exception have been stress-free for the user and are now seamlessly implemented.

Sally Chacko

CEO, Acclaim Holiday Parks